ASTRO Debut 1st Anniversary! Makestar Hongik Univ. Station Subway Ad Event(Winner Announcement)

Astro photo book project’s last stretch goal, Korean Subway Ad Event released! Winner Announcement: March 28th, 2017 Noted on bottom of Event Page

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meus astros




Congrats to the winner!!!!! Please treasure this precious item!

Kim W

Congratz to the winner!! Please take a picture and share with us when you receive it and put it on your wall! :D


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Congratulations to the winner 🎉🌸 Please take good care of the banner 💖


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Thank you so much to MAKESTAR make this event for Aroha around the world. Even though i'm not be the winner as long as i can to join this event for ASTRO 😊 Check out @ayesha_ikhazura's Tweet:


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I want to thank ASTRO and staff for working hard. I absolutely love ASTRO and they are truly my number 1 favorite kpop group. Thank you as well, Makestar for making this event happen. It would be great if I received the ad because ASTRO means so much to me. When I was younger, I used to listen to kpop, however I stopped. I've been going through some tough personal issues, so I wasn't always having the best days. But, a couple years later, a classmate brought up kpop. I decided to revisit it and I do not regret my choice! ASTRO caught my eye first. I absolutely love them and support them with all my heart. When I have a bad day, listening and watching ASTRO always lightens my mood. They made me realize that there is more to the world. I want to thank them for that. I will try my best to support them everyway I can. Even if I don't win, as long as I can still support them, that is all I need. Twitter:


Win this huuuuge ad ? Wow ! It's really amazing and suprising ! Thank you so much Makestar to organize this event~ Already one year passed ? Wow ! One year with ASTRO <3 I love ASTRO since they debuted ! They so so so talented ! I'm so proud to say 'I'm an Aroha" <3 I really want to go in Korea one day to see them, see their hard work in live, see their beautiful smiles by my own eyes *^* Anyway ! I wish good luck to every Arohas ! :3 My shared links: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:


I've been struggling to come up with a reason I should win the ad, and it's been hard because all the comments here are amazing! Aroha are all amazing, and the community is incredible! Over the years, I've struggled with depression, but this past year since Astro debuted I've found them to be an amazing encouragement. Their music, their energy, their positivity--everything is so uplifting and positive, and while that doesn't fix depression, it has certainly made me smile a lot more. I'm so proud of the boys and everything they've accomplished, and they are a daily reminder to me to keep shooting for my own goals. I wasn't able to see the ad in person, but being able to hang it in my house would be an amazing reminder of everything Astro's has accomplished, as well as a reminder that my own goals aren't at all out of reach. Thanks, Makestar, for such a great giveaway and for making the community even stronger!


안녕하세여 메이크스타님💜이벤트라니 정말 감사해요ㅠ♡ 아스트로 정말 좋아하고 사랑하는 고1 아로하에요💜 요즘에 학교에서 공부만하고 평소 폰으로 오빠들 사진 몇장 갤러리에서 찾아보는게 다여서 굿즈같은걸 많이 모으고싶은데 그러기에는 학생경제적으로도..벽 한쪽에 붙여놓고싶어요 학교끝나고 쌓인피로가 조금이라도 풀어지게ㅎ 멋진아스트로. 지하철역에서 보지못한 광고시안을 주신는 이벵 정말 감사해요. 당첨되는 것만큼 더 바랄소원두엄써요❤지하철광고 할때 보지못해서 아직까지도 아쉽고 또아쉬워요..😯 보고싶어도 시간, 무엇보다 홍대까지가기가 멀기때문에 다른분들이 전광판보러 다녀간 후기만 보면서 대리만족을 했었는데 이제는 제 방에서 수시로 매일 하루빠짐없이 볼 수있었으면 좋겠어요ㅠ 정말 당첨 되고 싶습니더!! [트위터 (귤산)이에요ㅎ 이벤트링크공유햇슴당]


Thank you so much Makestar for this great opportunity! I hope to win this as I've never been to Korea before and I hope that the first subway ad that I'll ever see from Korea is ASTRO's anniversary subway ad from Makestar! Last year was probably the hardest year in my life but because of ASTRO, I was able to push through. It's the little things that they have done that captured my heart! The members have always been giving me strength to push through hard times the past year so by seeing them the first thing in the morning everyday, it will definitely make my day and remind me of how much they mean to me! Whatever the outcome may be, I'm glad that someone here would have the chance to own this ASTRO subway ad! :D


I can't thank you enough for this amazing opportunity. Although I was incredibly happy to part take in such a great project I was a bit sad that I did not get to see the ad in person. I would want the ad so that I could see it every day and be reminded that I, an aroha, and hundreds of others came together to make this possible for the ever so hard working group that makes us happy. I feel that if I had it in my room to look at every day I will always have strength and be reminded of the great pride I have in being an aroha, a loving fandom who is truly the sweetest. I became a fan of astro nearly 2 years ago and not once have I regretted it, no group or community of fans have impacted me more. Astro and aroha genuinely give me strength. Although the ad would make a great addition to my astro collection any aroha would be lucky to have it I am just happy that you thought of us and decided to give us this opportunity. 😄


MAKESTAR I can't thank you enough for the opportunities you give to us AROHAs. These events always surprise me and warms my heart. I've never actually seen the ad in person much like many others overseas but I'm sure my AROHA friends and I would love to see it up close. I don't have a particularly special reason as to why I should be chosen to receive the ad, but it means a lot to me as it will give me great motivation throughout my final year of high school. To be honest I want to receive a sample ad to put up in my locker more than the subway ad (笑). Anyways, seeing this ad will remind me that the members of ASTRO are working hard to achieve their dreams and that the people I support with all my heart are also experiencing similar events (particularly Rocky and Sanha who are also in high school), so I should not give up on my dreams. Thank you again MAKESTAR!

Kim W

OMG yes, sample ads would be great too 😆


Okay so, by the amount of comments I post around, almost everyone must know now that I am from the small Island (Kingdom) of Bahrain 😂🌸 I've been into Kpop officially since 2009 (before but 2009 was when I actually delved not it completely). I won't say I love Astro the most because someone might love them more. I won't say I have many of their Merch because someone might have more BUT I know that I can say this: I love Astro with all the love that I can give. I support them in the best way that I can and I am happy whenever someone supports them regardless if I know that person or not. Astro is a special group to me because they were one of the few groups I got to know after being busy with life and drifting away from Kpop. As for the banner, I would want it to be a special item for BahrainKpopFanbase (which I am in charge of running) and Arab Arohas in general :) Twitter:


Wow thank you so much Makestar for this amazing giveaway! I am very grateful that you did this project in collaboration with Astro. From it , Arohas all around the world were able to get many dear treasures as well as the Subway Ad you guys, Makestar did for Astro. The Happy 1st Anniversary subway ad for Astro meant a lot for everyone was able to see Astro's bright and shining smiles as well as celebrate their 1st year since debut. Being an Aroha and joining this project meant the world to me as it did for many other Arohas. Astro is a group I am thankful for existing and making me smile everyday just with their presence. Receiving the subway ad would be a blessing and a honor and I would treasure it very much. I always love to express my love for Astro and I am thankful to have discovered them. It has been a year and a couple of month and I did receive the ad I most definitely would treasure it <3 Thank you so much Makestar for this wonderful giveaway ~


Makestar thank you for doing this as an international Aroha this means a lot to me. I don't know if i'll ever get a chance to see Astro or these amazing projects any time soon, but what you're doing now with the poster is getting me a chance to be part of the loving community that is Aroha. I love Astro with all my heart, and seeing them reach above and beyond the goal for Makestar was amazing. I miss my opportunity to get the photobook, but i'm not throwing away my shot now. Even if I don't win i'll be happy that a lucky Aroha got it I know they will love it as much as I would. Thank you and good luck. My link:


Thank you so much Makestar for giving Arohas this amazing opportunity 💖 There is no specific reason on why I should win this because I think that all Arohas worldwide should have this awesome poster so we can always look at our boys. But I do hope that I can win because I really love Astro so much and this will be an awesome addition to my collection of Astro. I don't have money to buy every single Astro items because I'm a poor college student haha xD But I always love and support Astro in any ways that I can. Thank you again and good luck Arohas 😍😍😍 Shared Links 😆 Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Weibo: Tumblr: