Project idea brainstorming for Stellar's 3rd Project!

Send the girls your amazing ideas for stretch goals, content, and even rewards!

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Let's not deny Stellar combines with sexy and that's what Stellar defines. I love how you dance and your choreography plus something to add. I found vibrato well elaborated choreographies with Sting and Mask, but I want to see something more agitated in you. A surpriing way I guarantee. Wager on heavier sensual dances would love it !! I would love candles with an army theme, or something like the female power that I think you represent very much this part you are changing the concept of sexy kpop after you have launched marionette and Vibrato people started to raise awareness about the concept explore that side that you They will raze.😍💗💗💗💗


Put whistle in the music would be very cool, or even raps faster with more elaborate dances because what keeps us connected to the mvs are the choreographies


I'd like to see a collab :)


I'd like to see a collab :)


i'd like to see the girls' take on that lullaby, a 200 years old poem on a 250 years old tune : "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". i know it's silly, but i really like that lullaby :)) and it would make a lot of sense !!

Sinned Angel

I'm curious about Jeonyul and Gayoung doing rap together. They both have unique style/vocal. But I also love Jeonyul singing sound.

Ana IN

dark concept or girl crush


I love Stellar , waiting for new Project!



Sinned Angel

Yeah, I love her rap.


Please a "GIRL CRUSH CONCEPT". Something powerfull and sexy. More BADASS !!!!! . AND PLEASE MORE RAP FOR JEONYUL...SHE SI SO GOOD RAPPING <3

Sinned Angel

True, I love Jeonyul's rap too.


STRETCH GOALS - try to make the stretch goals harder to reach b/c it will make fans eager to donate REWARDS - make more clothing merchandise, etc. *MAKE IT EYECATCHING WITH INTRICATE DESIGNS* CONTENT - evaluate the content you ladies post and make sure it is of high quality (like usual) As for this upcoming project: 1) please promote when their are not popular groups 2) a full album with high quality sound, all composed by MonoTree & please add the instrumental of the title track(s) 3) try to get the company to promote more & please try harder 4) when posting the MV put a itunes link, etc. 5) improve vocals & dance 6) the concept I suggest you ladies should try is a goddess theme with the song(s) sounding like Vibrato, Sting, and Mask. 7) improve on emotions I love you ladies from the bottom of my heart! The music that is produced is always high quality, excluding UFO & Rocket Girl. I hope there is a full length album and I hope you ladies see this comment! #shinestellar 💝 💎💝


a full album would be so cool! i hope the concept is a darker one like marionette!


I really loved the fun, sexy concept of Sting so I know something along the lines of that wouldn't disappoint me. Maybe something sexy and classy would fit them too? Like sexy and classy but upbeat, nothing too slow, so they can show what they've got!


I'd like to see them try to make a trip-hop song with a mysterious MV, something abstract. As a reward for 200%, backers get a limited " diamond " edition album. 300% Stellar concert somewhere in Europe.


I think Stellar should try a dark concept where they are wearing dark clothes and them being sad...but the song like really really fast and a sad story as I. Told before also we really want a full album please Stellar listen to us!!!!!!! Thank you❤