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Busters is a 5-member South Korean girl group under JTG Entertainment. The members are Kim Chaeyeon, Jeong Jisoo, Kim Minji, Myung Hyungseo, Kang Yeseo. Busters debuted through the song <내꿈꿔> on November 27th, 2017.

Busters Members Profile

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Kim Chaeyeon

BirthdayDec. 4, 2004
Age 15
Zodiac Sagittarius
Chinese zodiac Monkey
Height168cm (5'6")
Weight49kg (108lbs)
Blood Type-
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Jeong Jisoo

BirthdayNov. 22, 2003
Age 16
Zodiac Scorpio
Chinese zodiac Sheep
Height173cm (5'7")
Weight48kg (106lbs)
Blood Type-
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Kim Minji

BirthdayJan. 16, 2001
Age 19
Zodiac Capricorn
Chinese zodiac Snake
Height162cm (5'4")
Weight44kg (97lbs)
Blood Type-
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Myung Hyungseo

BirthdayJune. 25, 2001
Age 18
Zodiac Cancer
Chinese zodiac Snake
Height160cm (5'2")
Weight44kg (97lbs)
Blood Type-
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Kang Yeseo

BirthdayAug. 22, 2005
Age 14
Zodiac Leo
Chinese zodiac Rooster
Height157cm (5'1")
Weight42kg (93lbs)
Blood Type-

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Busters Factoids :

Average Age

16.4 years old

Age Order (Oldest to Youngest)
Unni / Hyung (Oldest)Kim Minji19 years, 131 days
Maknae (Youngest)Kang Yeseo14 years, 278 days
Average Height

164cm (5'4")

Height Order (Tallest to Shortest)
TallestJeong Jisoo173cm (5'7")
ShortestKang Yeseo157cm (5'1")
Blood Type

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