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Partnership : Makestar is... The team that created and operates a 'global Hallyu crowdfunding platform.' Being a Hallyu contents platform that targets and operates all around the world, Makestar offers producers and artists an innovative way to bolster their contents-creation-process, as well as bringing the Hallyu fans the world over new entertainment and rewards. Makestar aims to become the forerunner in the global Entertainment Contents business as we deal with high quality contents in the area of music, broadcasting, drama, movies, and merchandising of the entertainment industry.

 With the mission to become a new mecca in the entertainment business, and breathe momentum into Hallyu’s continued expansion to the world, Makestar Inc. is always on the look out for new opportunities and challenges. For all partnership enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address below.


Project Hosting Inquiry : Makestar is a marketing tool with a global reach. It is a platform already in use by fans from over 10,000 countries in nearly 200 countries. Join us for an opportunity to reach out and connect with fans worldwide, for your first step towards global stardom. Please fill out the required information -below- and write us at



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