About Us
If you like K-POP, Korean drama/movie, or Hallyu contents,
we can give you special fun, new challenge, and another chance.

If you have enjoyed viewing contents before, then it’s time to enjoy ‘participation style project’!
Enjoy various content services that Makestar provides,
and actually participate in projects that go on at Makestar.
Through close cooperation with contents production companies and agencies in Korea,
we provide special chance in which star and fans achieve a goal together!

Hallyu-specialized global crowdfunding platform, Makestar,
that is serviced for users all over the world.
Lead star’s project on Makestar through your hands and
make special memories with Hallyu stars too!
Makestar was born to suggest new communication method between Hallyu star and global fan.
We thought hard on ‘how can we make the relationship between stars and global fans a bit closer,’ ‘how can we maintain their communication,’
and we came to think that the solution was ‘in making a space where fans can actually participate in star’s contents production.’

Through Makestar,
fans will no longer be simply a content consumer,
they can actually support the project of the star that they like,
and stars can appeal their vision and their frank self that they couldn’t express anywhere else.
Makestar, which will present the projects that stars and fans make together,
is a two-way communication window that helps their communication,
will do a big part in tying them together as one under the name of ‘project,’
take a step further and continue to grow as No. 1 global Hallyu community where all the Hallyu fans everywhere can gather together and unite.